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Thread: First Rosaea Experience w/Possible Ocular Rosacea Questions

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    Default First Rosaea Experience w/Possible Ocular Rosacea Questions

    Hi everyone!
    So this past Thursday (4 days ago) I developed a very specific (Dr. said ďbutterflyĒ) rash on my upper cheeks. It looks like I took paint and just swiped it with my finger under each eye, it was that defined. I had no idea it was even there until my husband came home and asked what happened to my face. No itchy, burning or anything. No bumps whatsoever, no noticeable tiny blood vessels. Just flushing.

    The next day I woke up in the morning with a swollen right eyelid. It burned. My eye wasnít red, the lid was just swollen and a little dry on the outer corner. I honestly thought it mightíve been eczema.

    Anyway, since I didnít know Rosacea could affect the eyes, I panicked and went to the ER. The dr said she would think it was Rosacea but that Rosacea didnít usually affect the eyelid (according to the internet this was a lie). She gave me prednisone and a topical cream (begins with an ďMĒ). The day after I started the prednisone my eye was completely normal but the redness on my cheeks had not been reduced at all. It still isnít.

    Something curious happened two days ago. I showered (warm but not hot water) and when I got out my upper chest was streaky and totally red. This resolved in 10-15 minutes.

    This morning I woke up, and my chest was very red again but got better very quickly (15 minutes). My cheeks/face are still very red. Still no itching, burning, or warmth. My eye is still normal.

    So I have a few questions. I see dermatology hopefully this week but I have not been officially diagnosed as having rosacea. Do all of these symptoms fit the disease? Especially the swollen eyelid/chest redness?

    Is it likely to be rosacea even though it goes away or gets better upon waking in the morning? My chest returns totally to normal and my cheeks are red throughout the day but improve once Iím out of bed. Eyelid resolved within a day.

    I just canít really find a lot on whether or not rosacea is worse upon waking but gets better as the day goes on. Iím curious if it could be something else although Iím not sure what. Iíve washed all of my bedding/pillows in hot water twice just to be sure itís not an allergic reaction. Additionally, the topical cream is doing nothing for the redness. Should I continue to use it?

    Thank you for any help or suggestions!

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    The M may be metronidazole? You could look on the tube and see. If that is correct, this is a standard treatment for rosacea.

    Short term use of prednisone may help but long term treatment is not a good idea because it may develop into FCAD, aka steroid rosacea.

    The facial butterfly is usually associated with rosacea but can also be found in lupus patients.

    Rosacea is usually associated with the facial area, forehead, and neck and rarely goes beyond these areas. Your description of your chest being red doesn't seem to be associated with clinical features of rosacea.

    A dermatologist will normally take a history as well as a physical exam, may do some tests to rule out certain conditions/diseases. You may want to look into what goes into diagnosing rosacea and what you might want to ask your physician.

    As to your inquiry "on whether or not rosacea is worse upon waking but gets better as the day goes on," this doesn't happen with rosacea generally speaking. Rosacea, generally speaking, usually, upon waking will either remain the same or get worse throughout the day. Hopefully your dermatologist, who will be more qualified than an ER doc, will be able to correctly diagnose your issue.
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    Thanks so much for replying! That is the topical cream. Is it supposed to help with redness? Thatís the only symptom I have. No tiny blood vessels, no swelling, no bumps or pustules. Iím starting to consider that it may be some other skin condition or (hopefully not) an underlying illness. It definitely gets worse overnight and improves as the day goes on. The prednisone took away my eyelid swelling within a day, but I have really noticed a change as far as the flushing on my cheeks. I also have an eye dr appointment but Iím not sure if heíll be able to tell anything now that the swelling is gone. Thanks so much again!
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