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Thread: Dermaroller for redness/broken capillaries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krk View Post
    Thank you! And I couldn't recommend azelaic acid enough. My skin only tolerates it once a day and I apply it before going to bed. I would say my redness went from a 7 to a 4-5 on azelaic acid 10% alone. It also made my pores smaller and overall skin texture much nicer.
    Thanks for your reply, I'm really curious if the azelaic acid will help for rest of the baseline redness. It really has improved a lot for me already with the micro-needling, maybe azelaic acid will help with the rest of it.

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    Default Azelaic Acid

    Hi I can only speak about azelaic acid, not micro needling, and I love azelaic acid! Ive noticed a huge different in calmness and overall redness for sure since starting using it! I use it every evening as last layer of skin care. I buy mine from the ordinary.

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