I have always had rosy cheeks and flushed easily when I was younger, but after moving away from home for school I seemed to develop rosacea. I grew up with pets I was allergic to and I am allergic to basically everything outside. I also developed blepharitis the same year but just found out this is what it was. It seems that maybe coming home for breaks maybe shocked my body with all the allergies and this is what brought it on. But the blepharitis has caused vein damage to my eyes and they look purple and my face has a constant redness to it. Not to invalidate other people's problems, but some of the pictures on these forums are just patches of skin that are red which I feel is easier to diagnose and treat, but my problem is just constant flushing ans redness. I was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this since a young age and if it has gotten worse or better. I am just really scared that my eyes and face are going to get worse with time and I can't even wear eye makeup anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you