Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know i have finally found two products that have controlled my SD. I have suffered for more than twenty years with SD which comes and goes depending on weather, stress levels, diet, etc... I have tried just about everything out there with varying results but am always disappointed when the effectiveness wears off and the red patches and flaky skin returns. I was recently turned on to a product i found at the Vitamin Shoppe called African Black Soap. It is a very mild soap with lots of natural ingredients, and even has a pleasant smell. It comes in a bar or liquid form and is fairly inexpensive. I use it in the shower on my hair and face and anywhere else I might have a breakout. You can also wash your face with it any time its convenient when you first start using it, i am down to once a day now. I follow it up with a cream I found on Amazon called Dermazinc. It is geared specifically for SD and has almost no odor and does not sting or itch. I put it on right after I've washed my face with the black soap and sometimes use a light moisturizer on top, but there's really no need. I have had fantastic results. After one week using it everyday, there was a very noticeable improvement, and after two or three weeks, there was no trace of SD at all on my face or scalp. I use this combination everyday and I have had completely clear skin. I cannot believe after twenty years I found something that works so well, and the soap is natural and the cream is not harsh and there is no terrible smells to deal with. I know everyone is different, and what works for some might not work for others, but I promise it's worth a try. Give it 2-3 weeks with the soap and cream everyday and hopefully it will work for you too!! Good luck to all!!

Andrew P.