Hi, so I recently found out I have rosacea (started when I did hot yoga several times, I think that was what set it off and ever since my skin is not the same)

Recently, I have noticed that my face flushes when at night laying down in bed:\
Anyone else experience something similar?

I'll be walking arounf the house fine with minimal to no redness and as soon as I lay down within several minutes I feel this hot uncomfortable sensation on my chin area (this area seems to be my biggest one) but eventually also my cheeks

I think it happens throughout the night, idk what to do. I wake up and my cheeks are quite rosy too, this fades down eventually, but anyone ever find a way to avoid this?

Getting a Vbeam consultation in two weeks, did anyone find Vbeam to ease their flushing?

Thank! This is my first post btw!