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sry I got to ask this as Im unsure with Propranolol already... I know, I know.
Should I even proper start with it so close before LDN? Or am I paranoid about having an negative impact on me. For Propranolol how long would you usually give it time?
I started clonidine about 3 months before LDN and I started propranolol just a few weeks before LDN. For me, I am staying on both those meds because I do think that they help to an extent. If you are unsure and feel that you are having negative or wacky side effects then maybe hold off.

I will tell you that it has been so hot here where I live and not the normal hot in the summer. We have had heat indexes in the state ranging from 105-120 Fahrenheit. So, it has been absolutely brutal as it has been in France too. I am going to continue the LDN no matter what but at some point I may have to start cannabis cream without the THC because I may need more relief than what the LDN will give me. I just donít know yet because I havenít been in the LDN long enough.