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Thread: My Low Dose Naltrexone Journey (so far)

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    Thank you all.

    Yes Im still at 1.0mg. I have to say I cant comment on the flushing or redness part as its too early, 6th night now, but I think when Im relaxed I can eat without flushing to everything again? Im still very stressed about all this, so it could be just coincidence due to weekend being able to stay at home. Im sleeping better though, yes crazy dreams lol, but that is ok. still fighting some kind of seb derm/eczema in my face but the scalp itching is better. I use special Ektoselen shampoo every other day for that too. Heat intolerance, skin sensivity same. But my mood is worse. Im trying not to take Propranolol regularly but the rebound does effect me I think. I usually never check my face out in a mirror in the store but I thought what the heck, no flush, and boy was I red lol. So that really **** my mood of course. Still searching for covering redness, but even the latest anti redness from Eucerin, green color, my skin did not accept. I have to go back to the organic tinted sun screen I guess. My face is currently really not ready for any kind of make up, but I refuse to go to work looking like a tomato... Sebclair creme is arriving soon hopefully so I will try that. Cbd oil I take too. Orally and a bit topically. I know a lot of changes lately.

    Btw as the Doc told me I open every capsule of LDN and just let it sit a bit in the mouth before swallowing it. I actually dont mind the taste, I just hope I dont fake any effects by doing it like this but I guess it doesnt matter how it gets into your blood stream

    Day by day
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