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Thread: Newbie Dealing With Demodex

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    Question Newbie Dealing With Demodex

    Those of you who have experience with this, I have two hang-ups on taking care of demodex in my environment, both related to not being able to replace expensive items I have from before my divorce.

    1. Wool duvet. Instructions say dry clean only and no hotter than 60 degrees. Obviously I'll be washing the covers in hot water with TTO but do I need to worry about the duvet itself? And how should I handle it? Could a TTO linen spray help? Or maybe sprinkling borax on it and vacuuming it (and if so, how long do I let the borax sit)?

    2. High end, holy grail eyeshadow and eyeliner. I'm fine throwing out my other makeup (i.e. foundation). It's not as expensive and I don't love it like I do my Urban Decay eye makeup. Does freezing makeup do anything to kill demodex? For the eyeliner, couldn't I just clean it with rubbing alcohol or TTO and then sharpen it down until it has fresh ends?

    Thanks for your advice/experience/etc.

    ETA: I've been diagnosed with seb derm and acne rosacea. I used a microscope to check myself for demodex overpopulation.
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