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Thread: A mechanical way to kill the demodex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atlas222 View Post
    I bought a cheap roll of Microporous Surgical Tape 1.25cm x 10m off Ebay but not only does it leave residues of glue but it also does not adhere properly to some areas of the skin. I think the 1.25cm size may be too small.

    I have only used it twice so far so I can't make any conclusions yet. I woke up with no pustule. I ate two cloves of raw garlic before sleep, too, to make sure the mites come out.

    Aissela92, do you use a 2,50cmx9m roll?

    Are there any concerns that using the tape will strip the skin of its natural oils, thus causing secondary issues?
    Yes, 1.25 roll is too small, 2.50 is ok. Anyway you should ask for a very gentle tape, mine doesn't leave any glue residue and it doesn't hurt me at all. I don't see anything strange with my skin, so I don't think that it is stripping the skin of its natural oils.

    The black mask is very strong and it is like a peeling, infact when you remove it you may fell pain and the skin may be red (I tried it). The tape is quite different, you can't compare them.

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    updates here anyone?

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