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When you say vegeterian, that could still mean a very poor unhealthy diet. Please give an example of what you ate. Plant based whole foods diet is very different from typical vegeterian diet....

You can be eat pasta, bread, processed vegan foods and yea a vegeterian, but that is not healthy.

A whole food plant diet is different from typical vegan diet. An example would be:

Oatmeal with mashed banana (oatmeal cooked w water) and cashews
Salad with loads of fresh raw veggies and potato plus kidney beans
blackberries bowl with almonds
brown rice with tofu, avocado, shreaded carrots and baked aubergine plus steamed brocoli
lemon water

The above is a whole foods plant based diet with no or minimal processed foods
Whole foods nothing processed. No gluten no sugar . All my nails snapped off . Started eating meat they grew back. Think my issue was Antibiotics had screwed my gut up and I struggled to digest the veg meat is easer to digest