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Thread: Digestive enzymes healed my skin instantly

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    Default Digestive enzymes healed my skin instantly

    So i have been told many times i have rosacea by several different dermatologists.
    My skin is constantly red and i get spots around my chin, when i exercise my face has starting going super red and stays that way for hours
    My skin is also super dry and flakey
    I am aged 41 and have a super clean diet
    After trying around 500 worth of products in the last 3 months alone from zen med..... to pai( which helped hydrate it a little) refusing to accept there is no cure i did more reaserch and came up with digestive enzymes
    After one dose of 2 tablets with my lunch my redness disappeared! My spots have also faded!
    And 4 days later its still not come back
    The brand is body ecology and the product is "assist si"
    Ive also been using fushi shea butter which has helped moisturise it all day where everything else has failed!
    Im posting in the hope i can help anyone who is at a loss like i was

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    Thanks for the report and congratulations on your success. Please report back in a month or even later to report if your rosacea comes back or if you are still having success.
    Brady Barrows
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    Default Awesome News - Didn't Work for Me Sadly

    Happy to hear your news, and wish it worked for me. I've been taking digestive enzymes (many different kinds) for years now, and my cheeks are worse than ever

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    Which brand of digestive enzymes did you each try?

    I tried some in the past but they didn't help - I can't remember the brands/product.

    However, I have noticed a distinct benefit from taking Integrative Therapeutics Similase GFCF which is supposed to help digest small amounts of gluten and dairy (but on the basis that you should still avoid these products).

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