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Thread: Lutein & Zeaxanthin for Occular Rosacea / Blepharitis Lid/Gland Inflammation - Tears!

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    Default Lutein & Zeaxanthin for Occular Rosacea / Blepharitis Lid/Gland Inflammation - Tears!

    4 days ago I started taking a Lutein (10 mg) + Zeaxanthin (2 mg) supplement to help my meibomian glands and eyelids recover from inflammation caused by occular rosacea / blepharitis demodex. There are a number of articles on the web with doctors recommending Lutein+Zeaxanthin+Omega 3 supplements for blepharitis patients the reduce the lid inflammation. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are carotinids found in fresh vegetables and fruit. They are known to protect the eye from UV and blue light, to improve night vision and also to potentially reduce the problems from cataracts or macular degeneration. They are absorbed better if taken with some Omega 3 rich oil (fish oil, flax seed oil, etc).

    I had blepharitis demodex / occular rosacea for many years as it was misdiagnosed as "allergic conjunctivitis". Treatment with oral ivermectin and oral metronidazole finally cleared up the demodex infestation. But my lids were still swollen with the meibomian glands not functioning very well.

    Its amazing! My meibomian glands are making the oily tear film much more easily now. And my eyelids feel and look less swollen. My vision seems much sharper as well. Having a working oily tear film really helps the eyes.

    Another post indicated that this supplement had helped clear up the poster's rosacea.
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    thanks for posting your results. I have added it to the third post (Nay 29) in this thread along with your most recent post yesterday.
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