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Thread: Lutein appears to be a miracle cure !!!!

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    After just four days I am seeing amazing results. I have suffered with palpular rosacea for twenty years, two to ten spots per day are the norm for me. I have had various success with low dose accutane, tea tree oil every topical that has ever been written about on these boards, though none come close to the results that I have seen so far. I'm taking puritans pride 20mg I'm taking two per day.
    I am experiencing slightly dry lips, though nothing like as extreme as accutane. I'll report back in a week, I'm already thinking of reducing the dose to 20mg.
    Good luck to anyone else who tries this.

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    Its very comforting to see there's options and ways out of this rosacea thingy , I wish you all the best of luck with it . Keep the thread alive. I am going to join you guys with taking the supplement as soon as I can get my hands on it (currently in thailand ) and I can't really find it in the pharmacies here.much love

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