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Thread: 8 weeks postpartum - rosacea the entire time?

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    Default 8 weeks postpartum - rosacea the entire time?

    I'm new here and I've spent more time researching what the heck is going on with my body/skin than I ever thought I possibly could.

    Here's what's happening - any advice is welcome!

    I started having severe flushing episodes immediately after giving birth and my baby is now 8 weeks old. It happens every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. My symptoms inclue serious stinging, burning, swelling, flushing only in my face and neck area under my jaw. I've seen my dermatologist, endocrinologist, allergist twice, a new allergist once, my regular primary care dr, and have been to the ER twice thinking I was having a severe allergic reaction. I took 4 zyrtec and 4 allegra a day on recommendation of my allergist along with a course of prednisone - neither stopped the flushing episodes. The itching may have been very slightly less noticeable, but very mildly so.

    I was told I had atopic dermatitis my my derm and to use protopic all over my face (which I use for periorificial dermatitis around my eyes w/decent results) - this didn't change anything. In the meantime I went to all the allergists and other drs and was told a variety of different things. My allergist didn't think this was stemming from allergies, but possibly my hormonal change was creating an allergic response rather than a histamine response (since antihistamines to an extreme level and prednisone did not resolve the issue) and my tryptase level was normal. My thyroid was totally normal along with my A1C so that was checked out and eliminated. My regular dr inquired about food sensitivities or allergies, but I have not changed a thing that I eat and even tried to eliminate the main allergens like eggs, dairy, ect with no change.

    I saw a new dermatologist and she said that it looked like demodectic rosacea to her and my allergist suggested I might be experiencing rosacea as well in addition to an allergic hormonal response. Basically this has been a total nightmare. My ears/face are flushing to the point of pain every single day and in between that I'm experiencing intense feelings of pins and needles, itchiness, stinging, burning and swelling - all in my face and neck area for 8 weeks. The new dermatologist prescribed soolantra and offered oral invermectin although I'm hesitant to try the oral medication. I used the soolantra earlier and had no adverse reaction so far, but obviously no relief either.

    I am going to attach some pictures of my skin. These pictures don't do the intense redness during a major flush any justice, but they were the best I was able to find from my thousands of daily face pictures documenting this insanity. I'm basically red the majority of the day - but to what level differs. My ears get neon red daily and I have little bumps that get hot and extremely itchy in patches without my entire face flushing. If this is rosacea, my treatment options are difficult because I'm allergic to all the main antibiotics that are used, so those are out.

    Thanks if you made it this far! I am at the end of my rope, trying to take care of a new baby and enjoy this precious time with him while being in serious discomfort daily. I'm wondering if anyone will figure out what's wrong with me. Can rosacea really be this itchy and do the red patches that flare up change throughout the day?
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    Was wondering if you have found any help for your skin? My rosacea started (with pimples) when my little one was 6 months old, and I can totally relate to trying to enjoy time with your baby and dealing with something so crazy making as unresolvable skin issues. The flushing and your pics does sound like it could be rosacea. Still looking for answers here to get rid of my constant redness. I do also flush, most noticeably coming from the cold into a warm room. One small thing that has helped me a little is getting a silk pillowcase to reduce friction on my skin at night. Hang in there and keep looking for answers, I believe we can all find our cure eventually.

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