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Thread: Metronidazole on eyelids

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    Default Metronidazole on eyelids

    I see that demodexsolutions has a metronidazole gel for use on the eyelids against demodex (
    They state that its sterile, so my first question is, is it a big deal if I use my old tube (8 months) metronidazole gel? I read that people are worried about infections, are they specifically dangerous in the eyes?
    I've been using a cold pressed, hexane-free castor oil on my lids for the last week or so. In the beginning my eyes actually got better, but know they are so red and dry, and when I wake up I have this yellow blepharitis gunk in the corners of the eye, especially one of them. Does this mean infection, and that I should abort treatment, or is this normal if demodex is the culprit? Just now I saw a tiny, tiny pimple below upper eyelids on the eyelid margin (demodex!)...

    I've been trying so many things, I just dont have the patience to stick with one treatment. ****, man, these eyes are killing me

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    I have tried this on my eyelids. I didn't think it worked to well long term. I'm sure it is fine as long as it is not expired. Is there an expiry on it? What else have you tried? Low carb diets or doxycycline? What about ocular steroids or restasis? There are a lot of options. I usually use erythromycin around my lids at night or fudisic acid. I am unsure I spelt that correctly. I live in Canada so we do not have Azasite but many people in the U.S. use it. I just got over a BAD flare up myself. I know how you feel. Winter weather makes everything worse.

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    I'll check for the expiration date, thanks!
    No, I have not tried doxy, although the last opthamologist I saw tried to give it to me. I refused. I'm currently on a low carb AIP regime, but it has done nothing for my eyes.
    He also gave me steroids, which cleared up redness on the eyeball, but thats it... Antibiotics worked the one time I tried it, but have not tried again.
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    Oral Metronidazole is effective against demodex skin mites particularly when combined with Oral Ivermectin. But the topical gel or cream form like Metrogel is not effective against the mites.
    One researcher said they put live mites in liquid metronidazole and that it had no effect on them - it didn't kill them. They believe that the oral Metronidazole works because it changes something in the mites environment that causes them to die.

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