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Thread: Skin problems finally gone. Thyroid to blame.

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    Default Skin problems finally gone. Thyroid to blame.

    So I have had this thick yellow layer of extra skin on my face for quiet some time now. I had been diagnosed with seb derm many times although I have never had the typical redness that comes with it. Tried every skin cream possible and nothing would get rid of this layer of skin. Nothing would even improve it or get it rid of it a little. Tried exfoilating with the best of exfoilators out there and still nothing. It was driving me crazy I had no idea what this could be. I could never even put any skin moisturizers on my face cause they would just sit on top of this extra layer. After research I assumed it was maybe a biofilm. Tried all sorts of essential oils that are meant to kill biofilm and still it did nothing. I was diagnosed with hyperthyrodisim a couple months ago and was given medication. Held of on the medication for a while but recently took it a week ago. On day 4 I woke up and when I was brushing my teeth I looked in the mirror and couldnt believe my eyes , the thick layer of skin had dissolved away and my skin finally looked normal. It is still that way and when I tell you I couldnt believe it, I really mean it. Even when I was diagnosed with my thyroid problem I did not once think it could be causing my skin problems. I was simply amazed after all the things I have tried to fix my skin. So guys please dont let these dermatologists tell you your skin problems cant be fixed. There is always an underlying cause and I highly recommend checking your thyroid and any other possible health issues that could be contributing to your skin problems. Dont give up because I never thought I would be able to fix this and now its fixed. I was so fed up with everything not working I would do so much research trying many things losing more and more hope everytime. So please keep searching and have hope. I hope you all find your answer.

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    Thanks for sharing. I agree about the thyroid gland.

    I was diagnosed as hypothyroid due to borderline TSH results and put on levothyroxine. It made me the opposite- Hyperthyroid. I sweated like crazy, and had major problems with my skin. It made my Rosacea 100% times worse. My face was permanently flushed and red.

    As soon as I stopped the medication and went back to normal via my doctor who told me my reaction to the medicine was not good, my flare up went down. Thyroid hormones definatly effect the skin more than we think.

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    What can u do against hyperthyrodisim? Is there any non-recipe medication out there?

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