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Thread: Does anyone knows who is the webmaster of this forum???

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Pascoe View Post
    I am watching and listening and here.
    Hi David

    Please could you consider making a few changes to the way the forum works? Changes which are in line with how all other vB forums that I've used work by default?

    Then, perhaps it's a good idea to appoint some new moderators? I would nominate myself, Miss M and Brady Barrows.

    Lastly, I also requested several times an edit to the OP of my ZZ Cream thread. Please could you resolve this for me? Perhaps you could allow us to edit our posts, as most forums do?

    Quote Originally Posted by RedRecluse View Post
    I would like a moderator to please edit my opening post by placing the following at the very beginning of my post, above "Hi all ...":

    PLEASE NOTE: The below pictures show a severe Demodex die-off after pausing the use of tea tree oil (TTO) with moisturiser for 3 weeks, and then resuming it again, causing this Demodex die-off. My use of ZZ Cream began after this initial die-off.

    For pictures of my normal look before using ZZ Cream, please see HERE.

    Please follow the thread for my progress which eventually led to my being cured.


    Thank you.
    How I was cured from Demodectic / Demodex Rosacea (Types 1 & 2 & nearing 3), Seborrhoeic Dermatitis and Eczema

    Got a smartphone? Then please post a non-revealing pic of your face/skin to, instead of using walls of text to describe it to us. It may be the best thing you've ever done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Busby View Post
    Are you really from Romania?

    And your complaints make no sense.

    Mr Tom What is your problem??? Which part have you not understand???

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