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Thread: My rosacea flushings almost gone (chili cream)

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    Default My rosacea flushings almost gone (chili cream)

    I think I have to write, because this can be helpful some of you. I wrote last April how I started using homemade chili cream on my face (subtybe 1 rosacea):

    I noticed fairly rapid reduction in flushings. I got burning feeling for a couple of weeks when I went to the sauna and when I exercised intensively, but suprisingly it didnít caused any redness, I was actually quite pale even in sauna.
    After about two weeks chili with sauna or exercise has not caused a burning feeling. So tolerate increased. My conclusion is that chili (capsaicin) affect some receptors in a way that prevents vascular expansion. Read Ēwarm room theoryĒ:

    Since April, flushings has not been a particularly big problem for me. I've mainly forgotten whole disease. Under a year ago this would been only unrealistic fantasia. I flushed regularly for 10 years all kind of situations and all the time.
    Sometimes I get feeling my face is very red, but when I see myself in the mirror I always see my face colour is normal or only slightly red. All this has greatly reduced my stress levels, which of course further increases the positive effects.
    It's hard to say will this work same way others, but I think I cannot be the only one who benefits.

    I have also used chili to improve digestion (it can be helpful even for ibs). Notice: capsaicin is also pain reducer in hospitals.

    So, I use about half teaspoon fine chili powder and I mix it with about 15g face cream. I use cream of eczema. I get suitable colour adding little bit this:

    In my face this cream is invisible and very light. I do not feel it all.

    I have had lot of gut problems (leaky gut, sibo, ibs) and taking care of these has also very central role. For about one month I have comply sibo-ibs diet and I finished all dairy and all grains (also rice, millet etc.). This has helped my acid reflux and I think itís helpful also manner of rosacea.

    But I underscore chili cream was the biggest change case of rosacea flushings.

    It's quite ironic that ten years I looking for cooling cream and the answer is chili based face cream

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    Hey Sepi, how has your Rosacea been since you started applying the chili cream?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks View Post
    Hey Sepi, how has your Rosacea been since you started applying the chili cream?
    Hello, Sorry for this very late reply. I used chilicream for over a year and then I felt that I no longer needed it. Flushing episodes was so clearly reduced.
    Over a month ago I started to notice the increased sensitivity to redness again. I believe season explains a lot: in Finland is now autumn and it is colder outside than indoors. So like the warm room theory says redness occurs more easily / intensely when you move colder to warmer (neuropeptide activation or something). There could be also some other reasons, maybe in a gut microbiome. I also have felt that moderate summer sun exposure is good provided that I use good sunscreen (I use mineral sunscreen 30 SPF).

    So I re-introduced the homemade chilicream. With chili I'm using this cream nowadays

    Chilicream makes sometimes my cheeks a bit pink, apparently due to increased blood circulation. This may sound bad, but it is good in the end because the blood vessels do not ĒexplodeĒ open in a same way like rebound flushing does. Maybe this is bit like lymphatic system Ė it needs good flow.
    The most challenging part is finding the right tone. Chilipowders are different in color and some are finer than others. I crush the powder as finely as possible by pressing it with a spoon.

    Chilicream gives me a slight tingling sensation which is actually nice feeling. Then I know that the flushing is well under control.
    I also use chilicapsules after big meals. You can buy empty capsules and add chilipowder to it.

    Like I say earlier itís intresting how my chilicovered face burns in a sauna but Iím very little red. I use extra hot chilicream but I donít recommend it if you try this method first time!

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    This is interesting. Has anyone else on the forum tried this?

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