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Thread: Ocular rosacea or something else? Please help.

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    Default Ocular rosacea or something else? Please help.

    I have had a problem for months now. Whenever my eyes water, say when I am tired or just wake up they sting horribly like I got soap in them or something. This happens several times a day and the only way I've found to relieve it is to either take a shower or run to the sink and wash my eyes out.

    It seems like my skin is secreting something that is getting into my eyes and causing them to sting because when I rinse them out they're fine for a while and eventually the cycle repeats itself, they will eventually water again quickly followed by painful stinging. I tried eye drops once and the stinging started immediately so I haven't tried that again.

    Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Please help.

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    My eyes water a lot, and sometimes the same stinging thing happens to me, I use a cold cloth to relieve it and then they are fine. I had an eye test this week, and was told I had dry eyes hence the watering. I was told to blink more, wear glasses in windy weather and use an eye drop called Hycosan (red)...I'm also too scared in case it makes them worse. I take an antihistamine tablet and that seems to stop all the watering.

    My optician told me it's quite common, with people who suffer inflammatory conditions, i.e. Rosacea, Excema etc...

    Sorry I'm not much help, keep us posted if you find relief.

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