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Thread: New diagnosis of rosecea

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    Default New diagnosis of rosecea

    Hi there. I just had a recent diagnosis of rosecea and feeling lost! I currently have the pimple/pustules on both sides of my cheeks with redness. The dermatologist prescribed doxycycline, metrocream and soolantra. I've read the soolandra works the best. Could I please get some recommendations on the best cleaning regime, moisturizers to use and perhaps the best type of foundation? Also is anyone else experiencing low grade fever and chills? Any help and advice is welcome. Thank you.
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    Welcome to RF.

    Let the treatment regimen your dermatologist work for a while to see if you improve.

    The Soolantra has a moisturizer in it.

    Try cleaning with a mild soap like ivory since rosacea sufferers usually have sensitive skin.

    You can also read for an hour or more in this forum and type in the top right search box what you are looking for and browse the search results reading the different threads.

    The Soolantra thread is worth reading.
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