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Thread: I need support and advice.

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    Default I need support and advice.

    I've been struggling with acne rosacea for a little over a month now and it has severely affected my life/self esteem etc.

    Symptoms: patchy redness mainly throughout my cheeks but also on my forehead, nose and chin a bit. Tiny under the skin bumps on cheeks/forehead and pustules. Intense flushing episodes that cause pain/burning and make me wanna crawl in a freezer. Like seriously, I've been getting anxiety over them since they're so awful and happen multiple times a day.

    It started from too much sun exposure with no sunscreen and I went to the derm. She prescribed me doxycycline and metronidazole gel and told me to continue use for 10 days and I should be able to go back to my regular acne regimen (sulfur and sulfacetamide wash with adapelene gel at night.) During those 10 days, I have to say that it did help out with the under the skin bumps and redness, however once I went back to my routine, it came back gradually and the facial flushing got more intense. I have resorted back to the metronidazole gel since I have it on hand but not the antibiotic. In the past 3 days that I've been using it, I've noticed that the flushing episodes aren't as noticeable and the tiny under the skin bumps are slowly fading but the pustules are still going strong for now.

    Anyone else have success with prolonged use of metronidazole gel? I need some encouragement.

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    Welcome to RF kjsaunde,

    Usually dermatologists will try the standard treatment which is usually low dose doxycycline (Oracea) and metronidazole as the first round of treatment. If after some time you don't respond well to this treatment, dermatologists try alternatives. One of the most popular treatments offered now is Soolantra (you should read this long thread). There are others but I suggest you simply spend some time reading posts in RF for about an hour or so. There are many in RF who have found a way to control rosacea which is basically the best hope we have. There is a huge stress in having rosacea and QoL is an important aspect to consider since many report treatment to reduce anxiety and stress improves rosacea. Stress is on every trigger list. Since you appear new to rosacea I also suggest you read the RRDi FAQs. So there is hope. Educate yourself so you can ask your physician some intelligent and educated questions about your treatment. Start with this post.
    Brady Barrows
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    Hi! I swear when i read this i had to check if it was one of my posts because your case is so similar to mine. I suspect mine started after intense sun exposure with no sunscreen, and get burning and itching episodes AND the bumps.

    I used doxy (dont know if that helped) and soolantra , this one i have been using everyday for like almost 3 months now.

    It definetly goes un cycles of getting better and then worse again. Havent tried metro tho.

    Just letting you know you are not alone!!

    Ps: ive been using cold chamomille compresses and i think they really help

    Best of luck!

    Enviado desde mi SM-A500FU mediante Tapatalk

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