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    I have a serious question. Why do we need to "treat" (as if the actual treatment even exist) a chronic disease such as seb derm, when it is really in your ****ed up genes, and will stay with you forever, and when it has a high probability of inheriting to your children (if you will even manage to pass natural selection with disease like that, which naturally you should not)? "Treating" it is like deluding your potential sexual partner, and even yourself do you really want your child to inherit it? It starts involving serious ethic questions... And nobody talking about these questions, it is all about "treatment", even amongst those who affected (others could not care less of course).

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    i just want to acknowledge that no one in my family has a history of seborrheic dermatitis or rosacea and I showed no signs of either until late fall 2016 at 27 after months of dealing with unexplained weight loss and as i later found out low testosterone and sudden onset of food allergies. My total health physically and mentally has been f&%$d since my job burned down. I would go as far as to say passing along your genes is no guarantee that ones children or their children will get seb derm or rosacea, and that many people who may have a chance of developing these conditions wont as long as they dont go through anything very traumatic or take really poor care of themselves for very long periods of time.

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