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Thread: I'm going to do the Syrokomskyy Treatment!!

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    I thought some posters may be interested in Post 7 on this thread which is a very detailed account of the herbs used in the Syrokomskyy treatment apparently:

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    Default Blog and Pictures

    If anyone wants to see how the Syrokomskyy treatment is going for me or wants to get more information about it in general, email me at:

    I will give you access to my blog on which I published all the information I have about the treatment. Also, I post pictures of my face and and write about how the treatment is going daily. The treatment is going well so far and I am positive it will give me my normal skin back.

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    Default Dr. S treatment

    I say proceed with a great deal of caution. This regime would "burn up" my skin for God only knows how long. Don't think I would recover.


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    Default MItes demodex rosacea

    I ve had demodex infestation on my face. My skin was sore red with new itchy red bumps each morning. When it was getting darker in the evening I could feel bloody crawling on my face (cheeks mainly) After reading literally everything on net Ive figured out its demodex, and it happened exactly not long after when the heating element was damaged in our washing machine and was washing all our clothes and especially linen in low temp. My husband fixed that but once demodex grows in large number you have to treat it. I ve tried out of desperation (and i had this at home at the time) tea tree oil which gave me even more red face and worsened already bad skin situation so I don't recommend. I came across other web and bought online capilite tx from dermiq, it literally stopped itching immediately and in the next few days or so bumps were gone. Since then I flipping check every time I wash whether the glass in washing machine is hot, don't want to to go through this again As a precaution i still use every now and then this serum and make sure the linen is changed regularly. Also noticed when my hair is touching my face sometimes during a wind I get a similar itchiness but nowhere near as tragic as the previous one! So I use tea tree oil only for hair by mixing one drop with shampoo before putting on my hair.
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    Default 10 months post syrokomskyy treatment

    Dear all!

    I just wanted to give you an update on how the treatment worked for me! I am very happy to say that I am completely symptom-free, I have been since I finished the treatment. The treatment was very tough and challenging but in the end everything worked out and I got my life back. I am still in shock that German medicine couldn't help me at all but the solution to my health problem was lying somewhere in a little city in the Ukraine. There is something terribly wrong with our Western healthsystem.
    I don't know how I can post pictures on here, otherwise I would show you before and after pictures. During the treatment I took pictures of my face and documented the treatment daily on an online blog. If you want to have access to my blog, please email me at:

    For everyone who is suffering from rosacea: Please never give up the hope! There is always a way. You just have to find it. Keep fighting this awful disease!
    I wish you only the best!!

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