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Thread: E45 shampoo and redness

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    Default E45 shampoo and redness


    Anybody that uses or had had succes using e45 or climbazole?

    I have been using it as a body/face wash for 4 days now, I know this isn't enough time to know a lot and will take persistents, but i have noticed it looks better already, but just a few questions,

    I have noticed that my face does have a red flush after using it is this normal?

    But I have noticed maybe 3 or 4 spots that flake almost like a flare up?

    But overall it does look improved I was just hoping people could tell me their experience and what to look for and to know if I'm on the right path

    Thank you

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    If it's causing redness, then stop. It's a clear sign of inflammation and won't do you good in the long run. For me shampoo on the face did the same thing, it close my pores and made me think it was workign but in reality it was way too harsh.

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    Might want to red Tom Busby's post no 4 in this thread.

    Also use the top right corner search box and type in climbazole and read through the results which are highlighted in yellow in each post if you scroll through and read each post.
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