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Thread: Rosacea? Acne? Both? (23/M)

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    Default Rosacea? Acne? Both? (23/M)

    A little background of my condition:

    I've been dealing with skin issues since I was 13, and nothing has really done much. For years I've treated it as acne, as have dermatologists. I used to have very red cheeks, nose, and middle of forehead that was constant and never waned or flared up for several years. When I was 20 I was prescribed metrogel for the redness, which after a few months went away. I stopped using it and it has never come back except for my nose, which is always splotchy with redness. My skin has always been extremely oily, and my pores have been very large over my entire face for as long as I can remember. The reason I'm here is mostly for these inflammed pimples on my face, that I've always considered to be acne, but recently I'm wondering if it's rosacea. They are very tender, and typically affect the area around my mouth and beside my nose, but can and do crop up anywhere on my face. The attached pictures are from a particularly bad day. Over the last year I've tried several things with little success. Zinc, Apple Cider Vinegar, gluten free (for 5 months), and no dairy (ongoing 8 months) did nothing. Retin-A cleared me up everywhere but the area near my mouth (but still left my nose splotchy looking), and Panoxyl 10% BP wash cleared my entire face (besides the splotchy nose) for about 6 weeks before it stopped working, which has left me where I am now, unsure where to look next. I have some Rosacea symptoms, but other very common ones I don't experience at all. I've never flushed in my life, I don't really get papules, and there aren't really times when I flare-up, the pimples tend to be very consistent. I look all over and I can never seem to find any one with skin similar to mine, so I'm at a loss as to exactly what I'm dealing with here. It's taken a very serious toll on my mental health, and I'm at a point where if this isn't something that can be at least managed soon, it's going to end up ruining my life. Can anyone shed some insight on this for me?


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    Acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid tend to exacerbate rosacea. Most rosacea sufferers report flushing. Source.

    Usually a physician hands you a prescription for a treatment and if it works, you are happy. If the treatment doesn't seem to make things better or gets worse, you go back to the physician for a follow up visit who then determines if you should stop the treatment, try another treatment or add another treatment. Rosacea and acne can be treated systemically or topically.

    Your report indicates that your dermatologist(s) have diagnosed you with acne. At the next visit you should ask your dermatologist your question because internet diagnosis is wanting at best.

    You can follow the principle that physicians do and try treating your skin condition with other non prescription systemic or topical treatments. There are many here in this forum who have found different treatments that work for them to control rosacea. There is no magic bullet. What works for one may or may not work for another. Suggest you spend a couple of hours reading posts in this forum and you will probably find some treatment interesting and find out if it works for you.

    Try not eating sugar or high carbohydrate for thirty days and see what happens. It is a tough diet, but may be worth the effort to see if it works for you.
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    I know this is an old thread but I have just joined this forum and am looking around. My story sounds a little similar to yours... always thought it was acne pimples and I don't have lots of the typical Rosacea symptoms. Some of my pimples were much deeper and bigger but some were also like yours. The doctor prescribed minocycline and soolantra which have really cleared up my skin better than ever. However I still don't know if it was Rosacea.

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