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Thread: Licorice tea

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    Default Licorice tea

    I ordered some licorice tea for drinking as it is supposed to help with high testosterone levels which is definitely a problem for me.

    I wanted to look up if it could have any negative impects on my rosacea. I only found out that it could help rosacea issues TOPICALLY

    But internally? I am a bit afraid as licorice is known for increasing cortisol levels in the body. And for my knowledge cortisol worsens rosacea.

    Any experiences or suggestions?

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    Licorice tea is very beneficial for your body in general as it has anti-inflammatory effect. I drink it from time to time and haven't observed anything worrying.

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    I've seen more information on spearmint tea reducing free testosterone in women with PCOS. There are also some instances where it helped some with their acne because it reduced sebum production.

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    Default Topical Licorice Root

    I know this is an older thread, but I've recently found research to support using licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) for acne rosacea, but the dosage should be low than many of the supplements I've seen. I've been sprinkling part of a capsule on my morning smoothie, and it definitely helps with this type of rosacea--not sure about non-acne types, but there's a warning about it increasing blood pressure; however, they suggest topical application will not impact BP. I've seen several reviews on an extract via amazon that people use topically, some for lightening dark spots, and others for redness. I haven't used the topical approach, but I'm curious if anyone has. As always, due diligence helps; I use the NCBI dot gov database.

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