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Thread: I need some advice on what to do now

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    Default I need some advice on what to do now

    I have used doxycycline 100mg once a day since January with no real benefit. I still get regular flares, so I believe it really doesn't help me much if at all.

    I have used the following topicals with limited results:
    metrocream (didn't really seem to help, seemed to cause more breakouts)
    finacea (seemed to help quickly but then also caused dryness which may have caused the additional breakouts I seemed to get)
    sodium sulfacetamide/sulfur wash and lotion 10/5 (helps but seemed to cause more small bumps and breakouts in areas I don't typically get acne, like forehead and nose)
    AVAR green (same as above)
    sodium sulfacetamide (less drying than sulfur wash or lotion, seemed to clear small whiteheads almost overnight)

    I use Cerave SA wash.

    I went back to the dermatologist and she gave me a prescription for soolantra but am afraid to use as I have read it causes purging when first using. Any suggestions? My face is "decent" right now, I have about 4 or 5 stubborn spots, but two weeks ago it was the worst it had been in almost a year. Plus, I have been breaking out regularly on my chin which is unusual for me. Forehead some also. So confused on if I not have more of an acne issue going on in addition to the rosacea, and if so, how do I treat both?

    Any suggestions are helpful. I was really hoping the finacea would work but I ended up getting almost welt type places when I was using, similar to the metrocream but worse. I asked about metro gel but the derm said she didn't think it would help, and said she isn't "a fan" of the metro products at all. I have quite a bit of scarring from the cystic like acne I have been getting on chin and noticed the sulfur wash seemed to fade it some. The sulfur wash certainly helped with the texture and redness but caused more tiny white bumps to pop up overnight.

    Any feedback? I am at my wit's end. She suggested I try just bumping the doxy up to twice a day to see if that helps.

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    Rosiver (Soolantra) has helped me.

    I had a steroid-induced flare-up that began in summer 2016. When I saw the Derm for the second time in February 2017, she prescribed Doxy, Metrocream and Rosiver. For about two weeks my skin was really bad - it went dry and flaky and felt tough and leathery. It gradually improved to the point where it was normal and clear by early April. I did go off the Doxy earlier than I was supposed to as it started giving me problems with my stomach. I think it is worth trying the Soolantra in case your flare-ups are caused by Demodex. Yes, you might have to wait a couple of weeks before you see improvement, but if it works, then great!

    The only other prescription I tried was Protopic (the first time I saw the Derm), and while it kept my rash under control, the bumps came back when I went off it...I've heard it has a rebound effect in some people.

    By the way, your bumps are in the same places mine were - across the forehead (specifically the brow line), chin, and some on the cheeks next to the nose. I'm not sure if that means anything or not, but I thought I'd mention it.

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    In the Soolantra thread there are many positive reports. The only way to know is try it but usually it takes three months or more to know if it works for you.
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