Hello all in demodex land,

I have spent several days reading many of the posts about Demodex, rosacea etc.and I found all of your very kind and dear folks, many suffering like me. I just started Tx (Tx is treatment of med terms) about 3 weeks ago for infestation with much anxiety. My first thing was to buy TTO, Alcohol, and distilled water for eye lashes and facial scrub. I put the following in a 2 oz sterile spice bottle, 3 drops TTO, 3 drops Alcohol to a Tbs of sterile water and so on. I use this solution on a Q-tip to lightly scrub my lids to loosen the ovum in the eyelid margin. They mate at night in the eyelashes, yuk!, and then go back into the pores and hair foliclies to eat. I even went to a real eye specialist and he said nothing about any mites and only gave me salve for PM dry-eye use. What a waste and then charged me $200.00 for the Dx. I wash my hair almost every night with Organic Biotin shampoo with TTO added. The breakouts on the scale stopped. Nice! Another Tx is the Boric Acid. I ordered it from CVS at $6.00 a bottle (got 2) and started placing that in my eyes whenever I felt like my eyes were dry.

If you research Boric Acid you will find it to be as harmless as table salt and the reason that it is banned in the USA is that it is a great insecticide and Big Pharma just can't have that, now can they. Everything that is good for us, the FDA bans. Well, I found out about BA eye wash here on a Demodex thread and the member said to: boil a pt of distilled water which is 16 oz., let it cool and then add 1 Tbs of the powder and place all in a clean, sterile glass jar. From there, place a small amount in a little glass container and use a eye dropper to place several drops in both eyes at night. This is what I have been doing and it appears that the mites are not mating in my eyelashes or at least not as much. The very thought of them having fun at my expense makes me

It is 3 weeks now and I am better. I did breakout behind my ears, one at a time, as I think they much have gotten the message and moved there for safety reasons. Anyway, now I am using TTO solution and BA solution several times a day for good measure. I even used a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide but don't forget to dilute. I didn't and it burned me. Now I have a sore between my eyes that looks like I got socked. Well....now my lids are not as waxy and the cylindrical flakes seem to be less too. So I think I am going to be okay. There were times when all I could do was cry. I think I had this for years and just did not know what it was. We got sick in Nov 2016 and did not recover until late March of 2017. So that was when the red spots and real eye probs began. Lowered immune system, etc. We eat very well and drink 13-16 glasses of water since we live in Arizona. None of this 8 glasses a day for us.

My reason for writing to the Roseaca Forum was to tell about Boric Acid and that it is very lethal to insects and being that the mites are in the spider family, they are 8-legged insects that can be killed. Not totally, b/c we need a certain amt of them but not so many that we have skin probs and horrid skin. So, there you have it. I find Soolandra too expensive and I wouldn't give Big Pharm a dime for that stuff when God has give us the trees of the field to heal us and herbs and plants, water, Aloe Vera, TTO, etc. Sure I could maybe get over it faster, who wouldn't want that? But hey....who wants to part with $400.00+?That's a lot of a lot of things. The life cycle of these critters is approx 30 days. That means it is a three-month process to get them under control and it can be done. Just takes persistence and prayer. Don't forget to ask for help from the one who made us. I will end here and hope that someone can benefit from what I have written. Like I said, I am much better other than the moving around bit that they are doing.I see my Dr. Fri but I can't dare mention Demodex to her. She might have me hauled away. I am treating myself and that's the way it is. God bless all for happy days ahead!