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    Hello all,

    Quick question. About 3 months ago I was diagnosed with Rosacea. Started as a deep burning flush in one cheek. Now it has moved to both cheeks, nose, and chin. After some trial and error, reading on here and the web, I feel confident mine is a result of the DEMONdex mites. Since being diagnosed, my scalp has begun to itch intensely (with dandruff...never had before) and in the last week my eyes are starting to burn throughout the day and my eyelids are swollen and my lashes are falling out. So I guess I have subtypes 1 and 4...for now.

    I have read positive things about TTO for mites and want to give it a try. Question to those who have used it:

    1. How do you do a spot test? I put some drops on my one wrist (100%), and I put a drop mixed with Jojoba oil on my other wrist. It's been about an reaction whatsoever on either wrist. Is this mean I have the green light to proceed to using on my face? As I have been able to manage the redness with some success so far I would had to make it worse be having an awful reaction to the TTO.
    2. How do you dilute it?
    3. How you do you do an eyelash scrub, in particular how do you do one with TTO? Do you use wash cloth, Q tip, cotton ball, hands..? What do you dilute it with? The eyes have been seriously bothering me as of late so I want to know how best to proceed and hopefully get thos demodex mites out of there.

    Any tips about how to move forward would be great.

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    I used TTO for more than a month with no changes. I used diluted TTO with sweet almond oil, approx 2 drops of sweet almond oil and 5-6 drops of TTO. It did not helped for my skin but helped for my eyebrows which were falling like crazy! I even bought Proskin Rosacea cream with TTO in it, but as I said no help, however it is nice moisturizer For eyelashes I read many good reviews about Cliradex wipes, however, they are quite expensive, but I think more safe and easier to use than TTO

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