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    I just wanted to share my success story, as I've been reading this forum for answers since September when my life drastically changed. i'm 45 years old and have had rosy cheeks, not flushing, for several years. It started as a small area on my left cheek. I actually thought it was just a healthy glow as I had started a grain free diet due to inflammation that I had from lingering injuries from a car accident several years ago . Over 3 years the rosiness spread to the whole cheekbone. Then last summer I noticed it spread to my other cheek. But it was very mild, and really just looked like healthy color on my cheeks. But then I started to get small bumps. In August my dermatologist said I had rosacea, and gave me mirvaso and also Finacea. The mirvaso was horrible, and gave me a chemical like burn. My dermatologist gave me a topical steroid, which made the burn like appearance go away in a bout a week. but by this time, I was full blown type 2, with red raised bumps that nothing seemed to help. I had just been through a very stressful legal ordeal that I know set off the horrible journey I would go on for the next 7 months. I tried all the medications I learned about from this forum: Oracea, Metrogel, Finacea, and all the other homeopathic regimens from coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, a crushed aspirin,
    honey, and made diet changes from the alkaline foods list. I do not eat gluten, and avoid all the so called "trigger" foods, except warm liquids. I also take primrose, borage oil, and sea buckthorn and probiotics and collagen. In January I started Oracea, which made me very sick, but seemed to clear up my bumps/acne to a good degree, but I couldn't tolerate it. The side effects were not worth it. I stopped after only 15 days. Then, due to a bad sinus infection, I had two rounds of antibiotics, and by then I had also discovered what Soolantra was. My insurance company covered it, and within a week, I couldn't believe how much better my skin was. Unfortunately I have pitted red scars left over from the massive flare of bumps that started only 7 months ago. Amazing that it could do so much damage in such a short time, all while under the care of a dermatologist. I believe in the demodex theory, because the bumps I had, that were large and caused scaring, only appeared on my left cheek. I do not get any of the type 2 acne bumps any more. I use the Soolantra every night, and keep up my other dietary supplements. I've had 3 BBL laser treatments too. They helped only mildly. The redness overall is less, but unfortunately where the large red bumps were, there is permanent red scaring. I never thought my life would change so much from a skin disease. I never had bad skin growing up or as an adult. I do think stress and hormone changes have something to do with it. I feel for everyone out there who wake up every morning and dread looking at their face. I was a no foundation girl and love hiking and swimming. I'm happy that I can now cover my scars with makeup and have no more bumps, but it's a permanant reminder of how life can change so fast. I don't think doctors know much about soolantra, but If you have tried everything I have, you have nothing to lose. I only wish my doctor had started me on it right away. Good luck everyone!

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    I agree strongly that Soolantra can be very effective at treating relatively early stage rosacea. It can also be effective as part of a combination with oral medications/nutrition/diet at treating later stage rosacea as well, but it is a fairly low risk option to treat early stage rosacea (and has significant benefits in tackling demodex mites, and improving the condition of the skin). For anyone with early stage rosacea, it's definitely worth considering Soolantra.

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