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Thread: Benozyl Peroxide (Acnecide) - is my Doctor crazy?!

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    Default Benozyl Peroxide (Acnecide) - is my Doctor crazy?!

    Hello all. I am suspected type 2 (pp) but only a recent diagnosis. On 50mg doxycycline daily. I asked my doctor (I am in the uk so it's a GP though he claims to be the practice's skin expert!) for a topical to go along with the doxy and he prescribed benozyl peroxide cream (brand name acnecide). He specifically said to only put a tiny amount on each "bump" - and nowhere else.

    Now I am trying to arm myself with knowledge and I see the rosacea community is staunchly anti B.P and say it can even cause rosacea? So is my doctor crazy?

    I have used it for a week and P&P are fading but who knows why- could be the BP or doxy or a cleaner diet.....

    Any ideas, fellow type 2s?

    Thank you so much for reading.

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    Well, if it works don't fix it. It is an interesting fix, the benozyl peroxide just on the pimples. Maybe your doc is on to something. Whether this works long term is the question? You will find out in the long term.

    As you have read, using benozyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and other acne treatments usually exacerbates rosacea and is possibly one of the differential diagnosis treatments that determines a diagnosis of rosacea. Acne and rosacea can co-exist and is what some papers point out, which aggravates the problem. There really is a thin line between acne and rosacea anyway. I remember the noted authority and late Dr. Albert Kligman wrote, "It is interesting that the original term for rosacea was "acne rosacea”, which has more features in common with acne than currently realized. If the “acne” portion had been retained in the later works, rosacea might have received much greater investigative attention."

    You might want to ask your GP how long do you keep treating your condition this way? I remember asking that to my dermatologist who told me I would have to take antibiotics for the rest of my life. I opted out of that treatment. I don't think taking antibiotics for long term is a good idea, but many in RF continue to take antibiotics, whether low dose or high dose for long term treatment. Up to you.
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