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Thread: Rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, or something else?

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    Default Rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, or something else?

    For the past six-odd months I've had some redness/inflammation around my nose and inner cheek. My skincare routine hadn't changed and there was no obvious catalyst for it. As pictured is how it's stayed for the past six months - it does sometimes recede a tiny bit or become a little redder if I try a cream that doesn't agree with my skin, but in general it is pretty static. There are small pustule/spot like marks in where the redness is and under my eyes, but they are completely flat. The skin is a little inflamed and raised around the corner of my nose, but only very slightly. It's not flaky or particularly dry (although when I don't use my Aveeno it does become quite dry). It can be a little itchy at times, but not especially.

    I've been to the GP but they seem as clueless as me as to what it might be. So far I've tried dead sea salt, aloe, nothing at all (very dry), a steroid cream, daktacort, and rozex. None of them seem to have had any noticeable effect in either making it better or worse. Currently I wash with dead sea salt once a day in the morning and then apply Aveeno moisturiser morning and night. I have another GP appointment in a couple of weeks and they said they'd refer me to the derm if the rozex didn't work, which it doesn't appear to have done, but I'd like to try and figure it out in the meantime as it will likely be weeks/months before I get an appointment.

    Does anyone have any idea as to what it might be and/or potential remedies? Any and all opinions welcome!

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