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    Default Lotemax advice

    Hi. I am looking for feedback from anyone who has used Lotemax to treat ocular rosacea flare ups. Since I began on my rosacea journey, about 12 years ago, I have heard that steroids are very bad for rosacea. However, it seems that steroid eye drops are sometimes used to treat ocular rosacea flare ups.

    I am having a bad flare of my ocular symptoms and went to see a new ophthalmologist today, as my old one no longer has appointments when I can go. I am leaving on a vacation on Friday and my eyes are really bothering me. This new doctor prescribed me Lotemax 4x a day for two weeks until I see him again. I am so desperate for relief, and especially don't want to be uncomfortable through my vacation, but am scared to use a steroid. I did ask about any rebound with steroid eye drops, and he said that shouldn't occur with these.

    I'd appreciate any input from people who have been through this. I feel as if I could take them and have a great trip, in comfort. Or, I could take them, have a terrible reaction, and ruin my trip.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks! Alyssa

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    I use lotemax for my flare ups with no rebounds. I'd use it and enjoy your trip!

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