I have been thinking and wanted to talk and hope people have there opinions or facts on some questions I have.

Firstly over the 6 months I have been suffering with serboreic dermatitus I have tried so many different methods to clear it and while some have been affective to an extent none have cleared it,
My questions are,

I have done the diet part cutting all things out etc and it has made no difference to me infact Iv had better weeks (remission) when Iv eaten worse? So is diet/ leaky gut really the problem for everyone,

If so why does everyone that has poor diets not develop this?

I also suffer with psoriasis which also claims to be caused by diet? But over the 8 years of having that Iv done every diet out there...even 3 weeks of juicing!

But yet there is mediation out there thsy slows the immune system down and clears it?

How many of you have cleared and stayed cured from Rosacea/ Serb derm wether it be topical or diet?

I must have read about 200 different threads about different reasons why we develop these things and I can't help but think that it can also cause us more stress because of all the different (cures out there)

Thanks in advance for replies