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Thread: My Journey With Seborrheic Dermatitis

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    Default My Journey With Seborrheic Dermatitis

    Hi everyone,

    I'll keep this as short and to the point as possible. This past summer I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. I have what seems like permanent redness underneath my eyes/next to nose (kind of like Trump, but not nearly as bad), as well. My beard has become flaky, and I have minor dandruff in my hair. As far as I can remember, I've never experienced this type of thing ever. My skin care routine was pretty straight forward...wash face with CeRave, no moisturizer, used beard oil one winter because I grew a longer beard, that was it. Now my case of seb derm is mild compared to what I've seen on the internet, but at the same time, it's still something I'd like to get under control because it feels like I can't wear black clothes.

    I've tried xylogel (too sticky to get into beard), ketoconazole 2% (used sparingly as a face wash, but recently I got a haircut and A LOT of flakes came down with the hair, so have started using it every other day on my head for about a week), zinc pyrithione bar (currently using on face every few days, first time trying), BIOM8 (have been using for a few months, but think I'm giving up on this one), Verdeso (steroid that I use an emergency for flare ups, only have used it for one flare up), head and shoulders, tried several different moisturizers. I currently use a humidifier nightly, as well. On top of all of that, I've always had a clean diet, and workout regularly (except since November due to injury).

    I've seen people having success with salt water, ACV, Raw Honey, etc... I have yet to try salt water, and ACV as I think it would be too harsh on my skin. I actually drink raw honey in tea on a regular basis, but haven't used on face due to the time commitment to it.

    I've gotten to the point where I've accepted this condition and it will be apart of me. As a result, my anxiety around it has significantly decreased, but I'd still like to find "what works" for me in terms of managing it, as I know everyone has different skin. I read Tom Busby's 12 page PDF, so I feel a little better about trying the ketoconazole 2% again. Is there any other accessible remedies worth trying? What's worked for you? Is there an update on what Tom's studies have found?

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    Why did you gave up on Biom8 and what was your experience with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spingee View Post
    Why did you gave up on Biom8 and what was your experience with it?
    I'm start to use Biom8 2 weeks ago, and I got great results until now. The flaking and redness goes away. Its early to say, because some products loses it efficiency, but it seems works very well.
    As a complement I use afet shower a moisturizer for oily skin.

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