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Thread: Paleo diet making it worse?

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    Default Paleo diet

    I'm not sure that it is a right kind of diet for you. Of course it is important to eat clean, in the process of loosing weight 20% compose excercises and 80% your nutrition. You need to be consulted by a nutritionist, he/she will recommend the right way of eating. The fact is you should spend more energy than you get and have calorie deficiency. I'm not a doctor, but I think that maybe you should ask the real doctor to work out special vitamin course for you, which will help to get micro-elements that your organism lacks. Have you got any addictions, i.e. smoking or drinking alcohol? I remember having problems with smoking, my health was in the poorest state. If you have something like this, maybe you need to try to quit it because it affects your health as well. Try to switch from cigarettes to vapes.I think it is a better alternative. On , you can find more information.
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