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Thread: Anyone flush 3-4 hours after exercise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluedog View Post
    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone been able to continue their exercise routine and still avoid the bad cardio flushes during exercise?

    Everytime I do go to the gym, I am able to do less and less without a flush out, despite using Avene thermal spray on my face and having a fan on me.
    I have even moved to the rowing machine as it creates its own sort of fan while exercising.
    I was a spin class addict just a few months ago. Had to ditch that and then the elliptical.
    Am thinking of taking a beta blocker pre-exercise (oked with the GP) to see if that helps.
    It has been too windy and cold for outdoor walking and I avoid the pool because of the chlorine.
    Anyone found any creative ways to continue cardio without it triggering a flush?
    Bit of a late response to this, but was just reading that sweat contains waste products like urea etc, that can irritate the skin. Is the delay possibly because these irritants have not been fully washed off and start to cause irritation later on?

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    This is a FAQ and here are some tips.
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