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Thread: Its really interesting to see what is triggering me, diet.

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    Default Its really interesting to see what is triggering me, diet.

    Ive known for ages that sugar can trigger me but wow its so much more than that. Ham and other processed meats cause me to flush.

    Found that out when I tried a low carb diet and instead ate wafer thin ham and chicken etc - i think its the preservatives, nitrates etc. The other day I had a huge flare after making savory pancakes with mincemeat cooked in a rich gravy with two stock cubes. I looked at the ingredients of the stock cubes and wow they were chockablock with preservatives, MSG etc. Ive also noticed that sweeteners will cause a flush, chewing gum for example. Just remembered nuts trigger me too, not sure why though.

    I think if i could eat totally non processed and clean my rosacea would probably disappear. I just find it so difficult to do this though!!
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    Sugar is a flare up for most people. As for the protein and nuts, it could be the acidity that does it to you. How is your veggie intake? I find high veggie w/ a protein keeps things in check. My only carb is rice (I mix it up between white, brown, and wild) remember to wash your rice first to remove the excess starch.

    Eating clean does get easier if you are focused on the goal. Of course making it taste good helps as well. It keeps you fuller longer as well once your body adapts after a week or so. You'll feel better. Give it a whirl, veggies rock!

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