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Thread: Tried something and it actually WORKS.

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    Default Tried something and it actually WORKS.

    So happy that I had to come on here to share. After being a rosacea sufferer for many years after after wasting money on so many creams and lotions that never did as they said on the tin I was beginning to think that this is it, this is what I will look like, having to put up with flare ups and wearing too much makeup to try and cover the redness. My 14 year old had read somewhere that coconut oil was good for the skin so I thought oh well what the hell I will give it ago, no kidding after a week of use, no flare ups and the redness is almost completely gone. What's made me even more happy is that my best friend commented on how good my skin looked this morning. Hoooooorah, I'm not saying I will never have another flare up but for now I'm happy. If like me you have tried everything on the market but not yet tried coconut oil I urge you to try it as its very inexpensive.

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    I'm glad to hear that you finally found something that works for you!

    What Subtype of rosacea do you have struggle with?

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