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Thread: What happened to My seb derm and p&p rosacea in Japan.

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    Default What happened to My seb derm and p&p rosacea in Japan.

    Hello. Am male and 53 yrs old. Have had oily skin/acne prone skin all my life. Only a few major breakouts but always seem to have a few large zits the big ones that really swell up ouch. I learned over time not to mess with these zits until they were almost popping by themselves. Oh yes and like many have had to fight dandruff.

    My skin has always tanned very well when I'm in he sun (which seemed to help my acne) but I do remember one time in my late teens I sun burned pretty badly and my face had a bunch of small pustules on it. I seemed to develop seb derm and p&p in my early twenties. I had the red "raccoon"look around inside of eyes above my nose and basically in the "T" zone. It wasn't all the time but it would come and go. My skin has seemed to change over time and be more susceptible to rosacea. I by no means have a severe case, however I do get tired of the red face. I have been to several dermatologists they the years diagnose and treat with little to no success.

    I will tell you I have always exercised at
    Least 3 times per week (running , biking weights) and sweat quite a bit. In my 20's, 30's, and 40's I used hydrocortisone cream to control the rosacea. I Would put on after showers. It did a pretty good job. In my 50's I developed more severe rosacea on my cheeks and temples and more P&p. Those damned things could spring up almost instantly. During this time I tried the following with little or no success: metro gel, tea tree oil, honey masks, yogurt masks, mother dirt spray on biomes. I need to add that I have seemed to develop allergies to pollen and dust in my 30s. Just keeps getting better- right?

    My dermatologist (of course a clear skinned guy- give me the pock marked red faced guy) prescribed a very low dose antibiotic for the p&p. I have been on it for over a year and it has definitely helped. I also have been taking zinc supplements orally with some improvement. I started using noble formula zinc soap twice a day with even more success. But there were still times when the rosacea would flare up.

    I was in Japan last year for two weeks eating a primarily Japanese diet and noticed a marked improvement in my skin. Still drinking beer wine saki, but eating a Japanese diet. Wasn't sure if it was the green tea, lack of gluten, lots of fish or what it was. This pretty much led me to conclude that diet has a major impact in my particular case.

    Since returning my rosacea returned but not bad. I have been experimenting with my diet. Drinking green tea, eating leaner and with some success. Since last Wednesday I am trying to significantly reduce gluten from my diet. I am obviously still fighting rosacea, but feel that I am gaining a much better understanding of my particular case.

    Anyway I just wanted to share because I have benefitted from the many contributors on this site. As a side note on Monday of this week my skin looked pretty good and I was feeling unusually confident. Ironically on Monday night I developed a large zit on my nose. .

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    Thanks for sharing. This is a horrible condition but least treatable.

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    Funnily enough, I experienced the same thing in Japan last year. I went in June so I put it down to the higher humidity and more vitamin d.

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    Default Same!

    The same thing happened to me after 3 weeks in Japan! The p&ps almost totally disappeared and the redness really calmed down! I’m starting to wonder if it’s a gut microbe thing! I ate a LOT of rice and raw fish and not a lot of vegetables (I usually eat A LOT of veggies) and I also drank more booze and are more sugar than I usually would all with no negative effects. Could it be a diversity/change in gut bacteria that is making the difference? I wonder...

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