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Thread: Is this papulopustular rosacea or normal acne?

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    Default Is this papulopustular rosacea or normal acne?

    I'll describe a little to you. I flush easily suddenly two years ago, I've been trying lots of remedies and treatment for acne as I thought it was acne (still not sure right now but acne treatments never worked for me). I usually get sort of a butterfly shaped redness across my cheeks and nose bridge. I turned so red easily when i exercise, shy or embarassed, and I've never had issues like this before until two years ago. There are a lot of bumps keep appearing and most of the time it won't come to a head (some still come to heads), just kind of like an underneath papule/pimple and take about 1-2 weeks to disappear. Even without exercising, my cheeks are always pinkish. And sometimes around my period, my face feels so hot and appears so red mainly on the cheeks and forehead, sometimes chin too. Whenever I stand beside my sisters, their faces are usually white or a little pinkish after they exercise. But mine is so red compared to them even without exercising. So, I did a lot of research on this and my best guess will be papulopustular rosacea but I'm still not 100% sure thou. Can anyone diagnose this? I don't know what's wrong with my camera because it's low in megapixel so the redness isn't clear. But it looks pinkish in person. Please help me. I'm so depressed.16295190_10208754462687908_162979299_n.jpg16295506_10208754463007916_237214379_n.jpg16344306_10208754462727909_1113284983_n.jpg

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    I would say Rosacea but ask to a good derm first

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    Looks alot to what I had/have. No derm has given me an answer yet, (been to 3 different) I myself believe I have Rosacea since I suddenly got very sensitive skin. Before I had like the best skin in the world, not getting red for anything, could be out in the sun and I got brown instead of red.
    Then I thought I had like Eczema because I was constantly red/itchy/burning face, so I put lotion on. Nothing helped. Had to stop shower my face, rain or anything would piss my skin off...

    Then I tried Finacea (works for Rosacea and inflammation) boom, the annoying inflamed feeling to my face started to dissapear.
    Then I got acne outburst on my back, started with low dosage Accutane (20 mg on my 85 kgs) and my inflammation is currently gone, my P&P (like you have) = gone as well.
    My skin looks flawless again. I'm hoping it will remain the same when I stop accutane... But yeah, right now I take 20 mg accutane/day and don't need to use finacea, just some lotion to keep my skin moisturised.

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    Looks like Rosacea to me, I recommend Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulphur wash with Metrogel, I tried everything for 4 years ( I had very similar symptoms as you) and this combo worked for me after 5 weeks, still going strong 3 months later

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    Default Papular (probably DEMODEX) but see doctor

    Your breakout looks and behaves like mine.
    Azelaic acid has nipped it in the bud and worked when NOTHING else has.
    It may be in my eyes... they have been puffy and red/weepy since Jan.
    Tomorrow is my Opthalmologist. She has been more helpful and diagnostic than any of my other doctors ever have been.
    I will report back her findings tomorrow.
    Since yours is in the area of the butterfly rash, don't take chances.
    Mine has always been confined to chin and now eyes.
    Take care... there are medicines even OTC that can help you.
    Since so much is trial and error, you might try
    Skin + Pharmacy Advanced Seborrheic Dermatitis Therapy Medicated Bar, 4.2 OZ at CVS. It may be new.
    If it helps, your doctor may be able to more easily diagnose your rash/breakout.

    Interesting that so many here had a flare beginning in Jan 2017. That is when mine spun out of control and I have been panicky about it ever since.

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    Default My papular rosacea s not DEMODEX mite

    But still, the cure for me Azelaic Acid (also in Finacea $$)

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