I have no idea what sub-type of Rosacea I have. On bad days, I used to look like a dalmatian, with red patches spread all over my face and the top part of my neck, which sometimes had little, red pimples in the middle that ached like hell. It began sometime in 2013. 2015 was the worst year, where I literally had pieces of skin falling off my face, just like dandruff, but bigger. There were no causes of this that I could name, besides stress and dehydration perhaps.

I began to research Rosacea like a maniac. First help was the Duac gel, used to treat Acne, which my GP gave me to use when the redness and itching were unbearable. So I used it only at those times. It really helped. Besides this, I developed a Rosacea-controlling routine: Every morning and evening I wash my face in warm water, and wash it well to remove all impurities. In the evening, I add Apple Vinegar to the water, enough for it to have that characteristic smell from Apple Vinegar, but not too strong. I use face moisturizers from Avene. They work great for me and are very gentle to the skin. Because my face can get very dry, I use their moisturizing line, but I started with the Rosacea line first. So: wash, then apply a moisturizing serum, them moisturizing lotion or cream, depending on skin type. Remember to always use an SPF when you leave your house! In the evening, additionally, I end the routine, on top of all other products, with a thick layer of a cream very similar to Nivea, called Purol. Nivea is okay, and any similar cream will do, I am sure, but I find some of those creams to be too heavy for my skin while Purol is a bit lighter and easier to apply (Purol is available in the Netherlands). Application should look as if you had a skin mask on your face, and I mean it. Leave it on until absorbed. After 6 months of this routine, my Rosacea is under total control. No dalmatian-like me anymore. No itching. No scratching.

I can't stress enough how important proper hydration is for the skin. If your skin feels dry, drink, drink, drink, 5 liters of water per day if you must. Begin an exercising routine, but slowly, so it doesn't trigger Rosacea, get your skin used to it, and do a sport that you really enjoy, for fun, not for competition. Competition equals stress, and in this form exercise can become a trigger.

I don't drink alcohol, don't smoke or do drugs. I stopped drinking coffee about a month ago. I am vegetarian, but try to substitute diary with vegan products as much as I can. I use practically no spices, only salt, pepper, sometimes paprika and all green stuff.

Good luck!!