(lengthy post warning lol)

hello everyone,

i am a new member here who desperately needs some help/advice with my rosacea

i'm a 20 year old female and ive been dealing with my rosacea for over a year now. ive always had rosy cheeks, but since i stupidly popped a cystic pimple on my chin in the summer of 2015, my face has never been the same.

ive tried metrocream, finacea foam and i'm currently on sooloantra which i like the best so far. i will admit i didnt use the metrocream and finacea nearly as much as i use soolantra. use cerave products and sometimes use salicylic acid when i get a few pimples, even though i know that can irritate my skin if i use too much. i put sunscreen on everyday and try my best to avoid my known triggers which include hot/cold water and temperatures, hot foods/drinks. i get hot and flush a lot when i get nervous or embarrassed too.

i dont have papules or bumps, just some visible veins on my nose. i get frustrated because my face can range from mild redness, to full out tomato face. the only places on my face that arent red or pink is around my mouth and forehead. my cheeks and chin are the most red.

i've gotten 3 vbeam treatments on my chin and i think that has just spread my redness to my whole chin, not the spot i wanted "fixed." ive gotten 1 vbeam treatment on my cheeks and im supposed to get another treatment this friday. i experienced circular welts/bumps that were the exact size of the laser and went down in about 2 days. my cheeks still get very red and flush easily.

what im trying to say is that i need help/advice! im very frustrated because it seems like anything i do doesnt work. i was recently prescribed mirvaso but i havent ordered it yet bc it's gotten horrible reviews and im afraid to try it. was also recommended doxy antibiotics by my derm but i heard thats more for the bumps associated with rosacea. i need help with the redness! i only get pimples once in awhile.

also was recommended to get BBL treatments. would that help with my redness?

thanks in advance for your help, im looking forward to reading everyone's responses!