Hi everyone

I am trying out Sequaderma redness reducing serum. Claims to reduce permanent redness. I'm skeptical of course, but a few of my favorite beauty bloggers (including one with severe rosacea) swear by it. So, I'll do the trial here, in case anyone wants to see how/if it works.

Since all of our skin and rosacea is different, I'll give a quick overview of my skin and skincare routine, to help you judge and see how likely it is to work for you.

http://www.sequaderma.com/products/for-care-of-rosacea (link to the product)

About me--> 24f, mild rosacea (undiagnosed). Redness in upper cheeks (under eyes), nose, chin and a bit on forehead. Redness light in the morning, but progresses throughout the day. I cover it with BB cream every day.

Triggers are pretty much nonexistent. I flush when embarrassed, after too much to drink, and in cold wind. Also I get pinkish in the sun.

Here's my skincare routine:


Clinique DDMG
Revlon Matte BB Cream

(I will add the serum between my moisturizer and BB cream in the AM. I'm only going to use it once a day.)


Aveeno Calming Foaming Cleanser (w/chamomile)
CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion
Aquaphor on dry/flaky spots

Day 1 of Sequedarma Goes on nicely, it's a run of the mill serum texture. Smells iffy, but whatever. Does not sting or burn my skin. Technically you are supposed to rub it off after 10 minutes. I'm not doing that, because the list of ingredients looks fine to stay on the skin. Skin did not appear to flush upon application.

I will update in two weeks and again in four weeks. Feel free to ask questions.

Wish me luck!