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Thread: Ahoy fellow strugglers

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    Default Ahoy fellow strugglers

    Hello! I've come to commiserate and join in on what I hope is the journey to better skin. I need to meet a post quota before I can reach my full power level and associated final form, so I might as well start here.

    I am at the ripe age of 29 and somehow I've never managed to solve my rosacea problem. I've been formally diagnosed at least three times from different people as I'm kind of a nomad, but the various creams, gels, or pills I've been given didn't work or I wasn't willing to take them for months on end in the case of antibiotics. As an aside, there's nothing like instantly bringing the red to your face in an attempt to not have a red face, metrogel.

    I'm lucky that I have a mild case overall and I don't flush except after eating very spicy food or drinking alcohol. I did have an odd string of acute flushing over a year ago, but as mysteriously as it started it ended. Lasted for a few months. Most of the time I wouldn't show off my fivehead as an introduction, but given the nature of this forum, I'll make an exception and include a picture from one such episode.

    Mostly I just have the signature reddish T zone, lovely pustules, and super dry skin. The picture where I'm baring my teeth was taken as a before since I'm about to get something done at the dentist, but when I noticed the glaring difference of color from my cheeks/chin to the skin in between, I was a bit stunned. The last picture is sadly the first I took in the new year featuring these vicious little bastard spots I got that were seriously inflamed and itchy. Thankfully I'm much better nearly a week later, but I'm not excited at the prospect of any more pictures, so just take my word for it.
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    Welcome to the forum! There's lots of great info here. Years worth of tips and treatment ideas that worked for others. I always think it helps to read through the forum's past threads to get a good feel for this skin condition. It helps to better understand what treatments ate right for your particular type of rosacea and/or symptoms.

    My tapatalk app isn't letting me see your pics. Whatever type of rosacea you have, diet is always a good place to start. Lots here on that - low carb, low to no sugar, low to no dairy.

    I never liked metrogel either. Made my skin worse - more red, more sensitive.

    Anywho, welcome!

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    Your itchiness may indicate you need to rule out demodectic rosacea.
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