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Thread: The best cooling lotion!

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    Default The best cooling lotion!

    My main problem is blushing. But I also get a stinging a burning face from some types of food etc.
    For me it would be a very, very good relief if there was just some kind of cream or lotion that could keep my face cool. At least for a while!

    Does anyone know a really powerful cooling gel or lotion that at least cools your face temporarily?
    I mean, modern science should have been able to produce at least one product thats able to really cool your skin?? I havent found one yet though. :/
    I would be very interesting in trying it even if its strong and not actually recommended for sensitive skin!

    For example I read about this product:
    However, I am very sceptical that it actually is cooling enough.

    Anyone have any recommendations??

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    I know what you mean a lot of heavy creams can hold the heat in. You might want to try Aloe vera cooling gel which I think you can buy from certain Health shops. I don't use it, so I have no idea if it works. Just a suggestion.

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    I find moisturisers with colloidal oatmeal tend to cool my skin down almost instantly

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