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Thread: How is the medical treatment in your country? (Payment)

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    Default How is the medical treatment in your country? (Payment)

    So, I live in Sweden. And I wonder - how much treatments actually cost in other countries?
    Can you have insurance? If so, how much does it cost, and what is it dependent on?

    In Sweden it works like this:
    We pay about 20 per doctors appointment. Doesn't matter what the case is.
    If we have surgery, it cost nothing. I've done surgery to my eyes twice. Would've probably costed 10 000+ if I didn't live in Sweden.

    We also have a "high cost protection", we NEVER pay more than 220 for medicines/medicine related stuff per year.
    After we spent 110 the price reduces from 50%, 25% to 10% and then after 220 it's 0%.

    Free dentist untill we become 18, though I think soon this age will be 21. After this age we "get" 30 / year we can spend on dentists up to the age of 30.
    Though I got dentistinsurance, I pay about 5 per month and then I don't have to pay anything no matter what happens.

    That's about it. Even if we have high taxes here, it's worth it, I guess. Free school and free healthcare is so beneficial for so many people. If you have bad health
    that sucks, and you shouldn't have to pay ALOT of money for it. The condition/disease in itself is bad enough...

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    Here in the UK, it's free to visit a doctor. You would need to visit your GP (general practitioner) first if you wanted to be referred to a specialist such as a dermatologist. If you are prescribed medications, you pay a prescription charge per item, which is currently 8.40. In certain circumstances, prescription charges are reduced or waived (e.g. for children, older people, on a low wage, during pregnancy). Of course, this is paid for through taxes, but I think most British people really value the National Health Service.

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