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Thread: Accutane Success Stories

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    Default Accutane Success Stories

    I've read several threads here about Accutane but haven't seen a thread where people can post their success stories using the drug. I know a lot of people cringe at using the drug but it seems for some it's a life saver.
    Unfortunately, I suspect people who have had success no longer post on this website as their condition is no longer top of mind, either way it would be good to hear a few success stories instead of the doom and gloom you typically read about accutane. In terms of medical publications, it seems that for >50% of people it works wonders on their skin and clears them up 90-100%. It would be great to hear some real life stories !

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    I was diagnosed with papulopustular rosacea in July 2016 by a dermatologist. I had 2 rashes on my cheeks with associated tiny pustules. I went on minocycline at first which cleared it in 10 days. I was on minocycline 3 weeks in total and after 3 weeks stopping the minocycline the tiny pustules started coming back.

    I then went on Accutane starting August 2016 on 10 mg a day for 4 months then dropping to 10 mg every second day after that. My skin was completely clear from about 4 weeks into the Accutane. So I recommend low dose Accutane for everyone who wants clear skin. After 7 months on low dose Accutane in total I have now stopped taking Accutane.

    I am an Accutane success. I've just gone off the drug last week and I've dropped by the forum to have a read here. Most people on low dose Accutane are cured so there is probably no need for them to come back to the forum.

    People on here taking long term antibiotics in my opinion would be doing more harm to their bodies than a course of very low dose Accutane. I had minimal side effects from the drug. It also stopped the flushing totally.

    I highly recommend the drug on the very low dose regime I have outlined above which minimises side effects.

    If one dermatologist refuses to put you on Accutane go to another one who will. Some are more lenient than others in prescribing it.
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    One of the reasons why doctors hesitate to put people up low-dose Accutane nowadays is that there are so many restrictions that have to be met such as having a blood test to prove your not pregnant etcetera that it makes it very difficult.

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    I went on Accutane to get rid of my acne at my back.
    Made my skin in the face perfect as well.

    Now I stopped due to acne on the back is gone.
    After about a week I got my first "rash" in the face, then it dissapeard and now I got another one.
    My face feels inflamed again. This was the best with Accutane - the inflammation was like gone, I could not feel it.

    I will give Finacea few weeks, if it doesn't work I'll also try to convince my doctor to put me on low dose accutane...

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    I have used isotretinoin successfully as well. I was diagnosed with rosacea at 19 years-old, mainly with transient redness on the cheeks. I also had "bumps", really painful and that lasted for a week; to this day it isn't clear if it was rosacea or cystic acne. Accutane was central in fixing my skin condition(s).

    Before taking isotretioin orally, I had been through a couple of courses of antibiotics (tetracyclines), which really helped as well, but their good results were always short-lived. Topically, I was using metronidazole for about 2 years before Accutane, which also helped to some extent. I was also able to use tretinoin and differin, perhaps 2-3 times a week, and that was really helpful as well, both with redness and bumps.
    But no matter what, I still had these really painful lesions and transient redness: I would flush at least every couple of days, when not daily: from stressful situations to the weather, to foods or general social interaction; the redness was accompanied by a burn-like feeling and tightness. So my doctor decided to try low-dose isotretinoin: I stared taking one 20mg capsule a week, moved on to 10mg a day, and at the most took 15mg a day. The whole treatment lasted around 1.5 years, because the dose has slowly increased (to 15mg a day) and then slowly decreased (back to 20mg a week), and then stayed at that "maintenance level" for a good 4-5 months. Totally worth it in my opinion.

    I did not experience any of the side effects of Accutane, not even the very common dryness (except perhaps on the eyes); I did however experience more flushing for the first couple of months, specially when lying down (when I lay in bed to sleep my face would throb, which was really annoying), but that stopped as the treatment continued. I should also note that the transient redness was the first thing to get "fixed"; it was the lesions that required the heightened dose.

    I don't mean to say that I don't have rosacea anymore: the lesion are gone, and perhaps they were just acne; but the redness still happens, but in such a low frequency compared to before isotretinoin, that it isn't really that much of a bother. Psychological stress has always been my biggest trigger, but now minor social interactions aren't a problem, except really high-stress situations like embarrassment or emotional stress can still get me quite red; working out on a hot day can also be a problem; still, it goes away much quickly than before as well. Overall, it really improved my quality of life.

    I should note that although I stopped taking Accutane almost a year ago, I still take vitamin A supplements, and still use retinoids topically 3-4 times a week. But no other prescription treatment for rosacea.


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