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Thread: New Finacea user; good results but evening redness

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    Default New Finacea user; good results but evening redness

    Hi all, this is my first post here. A little background: I'm 33 and rosacea popped up for me about 2 months ago. It's been very frustrating because I generally live pretty healthfully. I don't drink much if any during the week and have a few beers on the weekend. I've been a vegan for 5 years and don't just eat junk food. I try to keep it as whole-foods based as possible. In other words, I can't think of anything I did to create this dreadful condition.

    My rosacea took the form of my nose and cheeks getting pretty red throughout the day (no real flushing after meals or anything though) and some pimples and red bumps and swelling on my cheeks that had never been there before. I never even had acne as a teenager.

    Anyway, I went to a dermatologist this Tuesday and they had me try Fineacea foam. I was immediately quite pleased because the next day, I could tell this stuff really reduces redness! It stings when it goes on a little and I strangely feel a lot of "crawling" sensations on my face throughout the day, but the redness is much less!

    The strange thing is that Wednesday night, after dinner, my nose got CRAZY red and cheeks kind of red. I washed my face and put on the Finacea and the redness immediately scaled back by like 70% and within 2 hours I looked mostly how I had in the morning.

    Thursday (yesterday) I looked great all day and then I came home to lay down and rest for a second after work at about 6pm. I felt a lot of the "crawling" sensation on my skin and got up and looked and my nose had again become quite red! Only this time I hadn't eaten or drank anything... I again washed my face and put the Finacea on and the same thing happened again: The nose redness went down by 70% and my cheeks remained pink and felt "hot". Within about 1.5 hours, I looked normal, like I had in the morning. This morning, it looked fantastic.

    I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with Finacea in the beginning. I'm overall pretty happy about the redness reduction but this redenning seems weird to me. I also got into kind of a hole reading for hours about Dermodex mites and freaking out about that and wondering if that's what the crawling sensation is.

    Any input, comments, help, would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks ya'll!

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    I don't think Finacea helps with demodex mites. Far as I know the crawling sensation is supposed to be mites. Soolantra is now available as a prescription and it's supposed to kill live demodex mites. You can also get Permethrin prescription for much cheaper, actually just read a study that it kills the mites and eggs, trying to find it.

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    Are you still using Finacea?
    How did your redness turn out eventually?

    I hope you found your skin remedy
    Let us know how things turned out.

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