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Thread: Seborrheic Dermatitis - What I do to manage, simple regime.

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    Default Seborrheic Dermatitis - What I do to manage, simple regime.

    Hello all,

    I have suffered from this crap condition for atleast 2 years now. I'm one of the many people who tried everything from tea-tree oil mixed in facewash and apple cider vinegar, to all the lotions provided by the uk medical profession. 95% of the stuff I tried normally just caused the inflammation to get agitated, resulting in a redder facer.

    My condition is on my face and the head of my penis (the joys). Mine is a little differnet to the standard seb derm look. Instead of full blown visable scales, my skin scales very minutly, which left untreated turn to a build up of a yellowish plaque. I have more trouble with inflammation, if I don't use an anti fungel for atleast 3 days on either my face or on my junk, you can bet I will have firey red inflammation spreading like wild fire.

    It's cold here and there is hardly any sun (sun helps a decent amount in keeping it down - not the best solution though, as I am very white and I like pc gaming alot!), so as you can image, it's harder to treat around this time. EDIT: I live in the UK, ignore the flag, old account

    My regime that is working at the moment is:

    CICLOPIROX acis - Everynight before bed.

    It's an anti-fungel I get off ebay, as it's an over the counter product in Germany. This anti-fungel is unheard of in the UK. (CICLOPIROX acis bei Hautpilzerkrankung 20 g)

    **if it's really red I will use this twice a day in the morning as well, however expect a redder face for a few hours after application. Not much of a worry when you go to bed after application, morning however....

    SELSUN Shampoo 2.5% w/v Selenium Sulphide Anti Dandruff -Twice a week (could do it three time a week but see my link below).

    Although Selenium Sulphide has got a bad rep from some of the at home professionals on here for not being effective, it works for me in combination. It seems to increase the effectiveness of CICLOPIROX. I get this also on ebay as it's the only shampoo version that has 2.5% and seems to cause no irriation. Basically before bed I get a penny size amount on my hands, get a bit of water on it. Rub it onto the whole of my face and penis, leave for 2-3 mins, then wash off. Follow this up with your nightly CICLOPIROX, go to bed. - please be mind ful that Selenium toxicity does exist. After 8 months of 3 times a week usages a lady developed tremor, abdominal pain, and occasionally vomited. She had garlic odor in her breath, and the urinary level of selenium 5 days later was 32 ug/m.

    For me it's very important for me to use both, using just one of these doesn't have the same effectiveness. This keeps the reddness down the most out of everything I have tried, hardly noticeable to everyone else, and I live my life without worrying about the appearance of the condition. Plus, this is the easiest regime I have had to date, and most importantly no more red skin in the morning from agitiation caused by morning topical treatment.

    Hope this is of some help to anyone struggling to find a suitable regime to control this beast.

    Disclaimer - this does not solve the condition, purely manages the symptons. If you stop this regime after success, it will likely come back.
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